Solitude - How Doing Nothing Can Change the World by Evan Sutter

buddha A raw exploration into Sutter's time in Plum Village,
see as he explores his new surroundings, shares a tiny hut with his Monk brother, meets new people from around the world and struggles with his own personal demons.
A new found appreciation of the present moment, finding enjoyment in doing nothing and an ability to forge a greater connection with his inner self lead Sutter to examine a whole range of relevant and contentious topics that every man and woman can relate to.

How will three months living in a small wooden hut in the forests of a Buddhist Monastery in the South of France affect him?
How about seeing his brother for the first time in two years, the brother who now happens to be a Monk?
See how one email from his brother led Sutter, a lost young man and vagabond, to fly across the world,
and how that one email will change the direction of his life forever.

It will be opposite to the days and nights he spent in bars drinking alcohol, taking drugs and chasing women.
There will be no mobile phone, no laptop computer, no social media and no daily newspaper.
How will an arrogant young Australian carnivore handle a vegetarian diet for three months?
Three months without sex, alcohol or drugs? Three months without friends? Three months without any distractions?

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