Scribbles on the Wall - Lessons Along the Way by Evan Sutter
Scribbles on the wall is a reflection on life through experiences, observations, mistakes, regrets and successes,
provoking debate, fostering ideas
and raising opinion on everyday happenings;
from alcohol and drugs to sex and religion,
work, community and study to health, travel and friendship.

scribbles sutter
Evan Sutter's latest work give a candid view of an obtainable life path
in given with observed morals and teachings
from tantric Zen to the anecdotes and parables from people of peace,
and serves as a positive guide to reflect and better your subconscious.

Introduction 9
Work & Money 12
Travel, Exploration & Adventure 22
The Must Do's 26
Sex, Girls & Marriage 45
Health & Happiness 54
Drugs & Alcohol 64
Religion & Faith 72
Friends 77
Spirituality & Enlightened Anarchy 83
Spirituality 83
Ryokan's Lesson 92
Change comes from within Friendship 94
The Easy Way Out 98
Peace 102
The Somnambulist 104
Addicted to Consuming 106
You are the World 109
Mindfulness is Happiness 111
Karma 114
Study 116
Inspiration & Motivation 124
Yvon Chouinard 124
Karl Bushby 127
CJ Hobgood 129
Quotes to get you moving 131
Confidence & Discipline 135
Lifestyle 139
Respect & You 144
Strength & Violence 147
Fear 151
Presence 154
Growing Old 157
Life & Death 161
Politics 165
Community 168
Stress 172
Success 175
Thirty Two Down 178
Concluding Thoughts 183
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