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L.A. Meier outlines a personal account of the male pursuit of physical perfection, from high school peer-pressure and into his adult life. Castle – Broken explains the meticulous diet regime of body builders, the experimentation with anabolic steroids and the acknowledgement and treatment of Muscle Dysmorphia

blakes rope
A young girl inherits the dark side of fame. In Blake's Rope nothing is what it seems.

evan sutter
A raw exploration into Sutter's time in Plum Village, see as he explores his new surroundings, shares a tiny hut with his Monk brother, meets new people from around the world and struggles with his own personal demons.

song of Merlin
Join in the sacred battle of the trees and connect to their ancient store of the power of Logres
and let the love story of Merlin and Vivian beguile you and then touch the ancient magick
that is The Song of Merlin.

bacon sleep sex

Love, travel, enduring friendships, alcohol and drug culture and life's all too common relationship dilemmas is 'Bacon Sleep Sex' - Join two friends from London, Natalie and Joe as they embark on journeys through their twenties and through new never to be repeated experiences across the world.

stars that fall

The present volume of Jeremy Balfour's Futuristic Science-Fiction - eight stories and three novellas with characters that instantly grab the imagination and move forward without mincing words. "This work stands as unique even in its genre of the fantastic, as each tale relates original narratives of unpredictable intrigue."

Don Quixote

In The Lost Dream of Don Quixote, Rigg weaves historical fact with magical fiction into a story of how Fidel Castro drew from his subconscious spiritual guides which inspired his rise into becoming Cuba's revolutionary leader and laying the foundations for a new modern chivalric society.